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Services & Prices

If you have a question- don't hesitate to get in touch!

Services & Prices

Repairs - (£30)

Anything from electrics to bodywork...

  • From as little as £30 have your guitar fault found and fixed! Repairs are charged per hour (*£30 p/h). 

  • Once a fault is found, no work will go ahead without your approval. 

  •  Parts (if needed) are charged separate from hourly rate.

Guitar/Bass Set-Up - (£50)

Custom precision set-up- to suit your style

  • Set Tremelo

  • Checking/adjusting truss rod

  • Intonation inspection (and adjustment)

  • Setting of the action

  • Health-check of the electrics

  • Fret-polishing

  • Fretboard oiled

  • Guitar body cleaned

  • Re-string (+ strings cost or bring your own)

guitar guitar edinburgh

Fret Restoration & Repair - (£80)

includes a free guitar set-up!

Frets wear and dent over time. With my 'fret restoration', you can achieve the same results as a complete re-fret... but for half the price!


  • Each individual fret is levelled, filed down, crowned, cleaned and  polished.

  • This service also comes with a complimentary set-up

FULL REFRET FROM £170 (excl. fret wire & parts)


About JA Guitar Repairs

JA Guitar Repairs is Edinburgh's most friendly and reasonably priced guitar luthier. Set-ups, repair, electrics, frets. Specialist in fixing broken necks, dents & chips. Custom guitar guitar repairs.


Run solely by John , JA is a completely independent Edinburgh guitar repair shop.

"I have been playing and fixing guitars/bass for several decades. I have a passion for bringing guitars back to life and I am not here to make a massive profit.

Whether you are looking to give your instrument a perfect set-up, have damaged electronics fixed or even a complete fret replacement- I am here to help. If you haven't already heard of me... take a moment to read the reviews left on Facebook & Google by fellow musicians.

Bring your guitar to JA Guitar Repairs and before you know it, your instrument will be back to the way you expect it to be... or even better!



31 Sighthill Street, Edinburgh, EH11 4QQ, Scotland


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